When you are participating in the orientiation you will need the following necessities:

Sleeping place

The program of our orientation is pretty full, so it’s very useful if you can stay overnight in Nijmegen. We actually assume that you already have a sleeping place in advance. If you are unable to get a sleeping place, we can try to get one for you on the first Sunday of the orientation. This will most likely be a place with your fellow students of with an organization that offers sleeping places. With some luck you will get a sleeping place, but we actually require that you have already searched yourself. Click here to learn more about how to get a room in Nijmegen.

A (working) bike

During the orientation we will arrive at a lot of places all aroung Nijmegen, even at hours when there will be no public transit. So make sure you have a working bike with you on the first Sunday! You will need it right away. Make sure you think about working lights and a good lock. You can always get a swapfiets (recommended) if you don’t have a bike available within the Netherlands! A lot of students use this facility.

A proof of participation (wristband)

See “Application process“.

Gym clothes

There will be a sport day on Thursday. Therefore, make sure you have your gym clothes with you.

Sleeping bag and air bed

You will need a sleeping bag in the weekend festivities during the orientation. At the weekend there are beds for us already, but an air bed could come in handy if you still need to arrange some sleeping accomodation for yourself during the orientation.

Clothes that may become dirty

There will be various outdoor activities where clothes will become inadvertently dirty. Keep this in mind, when you are packing your clothes.

Swimming gear

Because you might never know. It’s comes especially handy when the weather is nice, when we are going rowing and at the sports day.


Last, but certainly not least, is money. The average student will spend about €200,- till €300,- (including €185,- application fee) if they participate in everything. That being said, you control how much you are willing to spend. A more elaborate explanation can be found here.