Book sales

Some of the courses that you’re about to follow, list some mandatory literature. Sometimes they also list optional (recommended) literature, which you are highly unlikely to ever need. It’s your own responsibility to obtain the required books.

Thalia, the study association for students of Computing Science and Information Science on the Radboud University, offers you the opportunity to buy books with a discount. You will have to become a member of the association. There’ll be ample opportunity become one during the faculty day.

As a member of the association, you can partake in all sorts of activities and social events that active members of Thalia organize for their fellow students. It costs next to nothing to become a member. Frankly, it costs more not to become one…

During the faculty day, there will also be more information about buying books. Information about your courses and which books they require, can be found in the study guide (bachelor/pre-master).

If you have any more questions (for example: if you really need those expensive books, while there is probably a pdf version of most of them available online) you can always contact us.