Any questions about the orientation or the start of your studies? Then please send an email to

We are experienced Computing Science students and usually respond quickly.

The orientation week of the Radboud University is primarily organised by the different study associations. This is fairly unique in the Netherlands. The university decides on a framework of activities and organizes some large events, like the sports day and the orientation market. Within this framework, the orientation committees of study associations are allowed to fill in the rest of the program. The orientation week for Computing Science is completely different to, for example, the one for medical students.

Thalia is the study association for students of Computing Science and Information Sciences. Almost everyone that is enrolled in one of these studies in Nijmegen, is a member of this association. Being a member does not come with any obligations. However, to order books with a discount, you have to be a member.

Thalia’s orientation committee is responsible for organizing your orientation. If you have any questions, you can ask them. Their email address is listed above.

The orientation committee

This year’s orientation committee consists of the following people:

  • Rick Lukassen (chairman)
  • Tom Evers
  • Phil Geelhoed
  • Jeroen van Alem
  • Evi Sijben
  • Abe Heemskerk
  • Serena Rietbergen
  • Milan van Stiphout
  • Koen Verdenius
  • Jesse van Son

We’ve been working for months to fix everything, and will do almost anything to give you the orientation of a lifetime!