You will receive a group

No worries, the groups will probably be assigned around a week before the orientation! Have fun looking around and reading about our “wonderful” mentors.

Mentors “Group 11” introduce themselves: Jen Dusseljee

Hey future sjaars,

My name is Jen. Currently I am 19 years old and have spent the last 2 of those years as an active member of Thalia. During those years I have grown to love the association and the people in it. We are a very friendly and accepting group of like-minded people, as you will get to experience for yourself!
All you need to know about me is that I enjoy going out, playing video games or watching netflix series. If I can find some extra time in this busy schedule I do occasionally spend some on my studies.

I look forward to seeing you during the orientation and maybe even being your mentor and guiding you on your upcoming journey!

Mentors “Group 11” introduce themselves: Thomas van Ouwerkerk

Hiya, I’m Thomas. At the time of writing I’m in my 3rd year of computing science, working on the last courses of my bachelor’s degree. By the time you’re reading this I’m, hopefully, done with that and about to start with my master’s. So it’s a new start for both of us!
Fortunately I do have some experience with Thalia, Nijmegen, and living a student’s life by this point and I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you, while at the same time making this one of the best weeks of your (and maybe even my) studies.

Of course this bit of introduction would not be complete without a piece about myself: I’m 21 years old, sometimes not terrible at social interaction. I have a great love for complaining about everything, and a wide range of interests (Dungeons & Dragons, board games, video games, archery, frisbee, a whole range of other sports, cooking, reading, and more) which I will gladly talk (rant) about with others.
I look forward to hanging out with you!

Mentors “Group 11” introduce themselves: Rik van Brakel

My name is Rik and i’m a 22 year old dude from great place called Zetten. I like playing soccer, drinking beer and making some jokes. Basically just like every other Dutch guy. I had no clue how long this should be so I’d like to thank you for reading. I want to wish you all the wisdom in the world, but I rather call it wisslim. Dag hoor

Mentors “Group 10” introduce themselves: Stan Derksen

Yo! I’m Stan Derksen, and I’ll be your tour (and party) guide for the next week! I’m 23 years old and have been studying Computer Science for the last 6 years, so there’s a lot to tell you about it. I love anything related to music (you’ll see me playing on BeestFeest on Thursday in the intro) and am also a member of the student tennis club Slow. I am looking forward to meeting you in the intro. Together with the other amazing mentors we will make sure you’re not gonna forget this week!

Mentors “Group 10” introduce themselves: Kimberley Frings


My name is Kimberley, 18 years old and currently a first year student. You can often find me in Mercator, the building of Computing Science. But in my free time I love to watch series, go to the some Thalia events and catch up with friends over a few drinks. For this week I’ll do my very best to show you around in Nijmegen, in the hope to teach you more about  the studies itself and overall try to make you feel more familiar with the Thalia association and it’s incredible events, environment and members!

Mentors “Group 10” introduce themselves: Marthijn van den Nieuwenhuizen

Hi, my name is Marthijn van den Nieuwenhuizen. I am currently in the fourth year of my study, three of which have been Computing Science. My hobbies include sports such as squash, fitness and badminton, but I enjoy playing chess and gaming as well. I also believe I won’t be the only one who’ll be saying they enjoy having a beer with friends. Overall I’d say I’m an outgoing, easy to get along with person.

Mentors “Group 9” introduce themselves: Aucke Bos

Dear sjaars-to-be,

My name is Aucke, I’m 22 years old. Will be a fifth year student and Thalian next year. Besides my study I like going to the fitness and drink beer, ideally not simultaneously. During the coming Orientationweek I’ll show you all the great stuff of Nijmegen and life as a student. I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am!

See y’all the 19th!

Mentors “Group 9” introduce themselves: Julian van der Horst

Hello my children I’m julian and you may now call me daddy.

I’m very social and will likely talk your ears off. I love snowboarding, and sailing. Also I’m a DJ so I love all music. Funny cabaret is also a thing I enjoy watching. I’m really looking forward into getting to know all of you and I definitely look forward to go out and be brak with all of you.

Your student will be the best time of your life and what better way to start it off with an amazing daddy.

See you soon,
Julian van der Horst

Mentors “Group 9” introduce themselves: Thomas Klein Breteler

Hey, my name is Thomas also known as TKB. Not to be confused with ‘the tkb’, I usually don’t smell of beer and sweat. I spend my leisure time playing video games, listening to music and watching series.

In the coming week the other mentors of the Thalia family and I will be showing you our beautiful city and university. It’s going to be a wild ride and I’m looking forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you!

Mentors “Group 8” introduce themselves: Isolde Hoogendonk

“Hello world!” and hello future children. I am Isolde and I will be an introduction mommy this year (sad for you, great for me). I am a second year student in Computer Science and I love cooking, going to the gym and netflixing. Favorite animal? Any. Favorite color? Magenta (RGB: 230 / 34 / 114), you will learn why. Favorite food? Drunk nacho’s at three in the morning. I swear they taste better drunk.
We of the super amazing study association Thalia want to give you the orientation of a lifetime! And that is exactly my task as your soon to be mom! See you at intro :)))

Mentors “Group 8” introduce themselves: Nick van Oers

My name is Nick, I’m 19 years old and currently a second year student in computing science. During the orientation I will be one of the many mentors and maybe I will be a mentor of your group! I am already looking forward to showing you everything Thalia and Nijmegen have to offer. Since I was born and raised here, that won’t be an issue. This orientation will be all about you and I will make sure it will be one of the best weeks of your life.

See you soon!

Mentors “Group 8” introduce themselves: Jesper Somers

Hello everyone, my name is Jesper and I have been officially labeled as the teddy bear because apparently, I give great hugs. I may not be the best student you will find in the study, but luckily for the intro I do not need to be. I look forward to meeting all of you and hopefully, we can make an amazing intro together.

Mentors “Group 7” introduce themselves: Astrid van der Jagt

My name is Astrid, and I’m all set to introduce you to this beautiful city, super cool study programme and last, but not least, our amazing study association Thalia! I’m 23 years old, and have been studying here since 2015. I’m originally from The Hague, but I have come to love Nijmegen almost as much as my home town. I’m always in for a beer and a talk, and would like to get to know you, so don’t hesitate to come up to me for a chat!

Mentors “Group 7” introduce themselves: Koen Bremer

Hello there!
I’m Koen (right) and at the time of the orientation I will be 21 years old. I used to live in Bemmely hills until I moved to Nijmegen to study here. I will be one of the mentor this year and I’m really looking forward to it. I enjoy drinking a beer with friends and playing games. Often when I combine the two I end up at the TKB (if you don’t know it already, you probably will after the orientation 😉 ).

I’m really looking forward to meeting you and I hope you have just as much hype for the orientation week as I have!

See you soon!

Mentors “Group 7” introduce themselves: Jan van Bommel

Hey everyone,

I’m Jan van Bommel (left), but pretty much everyone calls me Jank. By the time you are reading this I’m about to be a fifth year student Computing Science. I’m currently also the chairman of our amazing study association Thalia, the one that happens to organize this amazing orientation week. Maybe you want to know why people call me Jank, so feel free to ask during the orientation. Hope to see you during the orientation week! Groetjes thuis, doei voes.

Mentors “Group 6” introduce themselves: Elianne Heuer

Hey I’m Elianne! I’m 21 years old and a second year student Computing Science. I live in Nijmegen in a house with a few other Computing Science students. I like gaming, making music and thinking about anything related to Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. So you can always talk to me about any of these things, or just about anything random too. OH and I love dogs!!! I loved my introduction week with Thalia and I hope I can help to make the introduction week one of the best weeks of your life! So I hope I’ll see you then 🙂

Mentors “Group 6” introduce themselves: Thijs de Jong

I’m Thijs de Jong, and currently a first years student. I might be your mentor for this introduction week! Next to studying (not a lot), I like to play some (many) videogames, drink beer with my fellow Computing Science students, I’m trying to sport once in a while, and I like to waste my time browsing the entire internet for funny cat videos.
Since I am a first year, my intro is printed very freshly in my mind, and I could tell you, it is one of the best things to experience in your student life.
So, that said, I’ll see you at the introduction week!

Mentors “Group 6” introduce themselves: Job Doesburg

Hey there,
Welcome to Nijmegen! My name is Job and, whoever you are, I’m very much looking forward to welcome you in our warm Thalia-family. Together with a group of awesome people on this website, we will be your guide during your first week(s) here. With a bit of luck (either good or bad, you may decide afterwards 😉) you can even call me ‘daddy’ during the upcoming orientation week. Anyway, it’s going to be a great week nonetheless (I’ve honestly never heard any story of someone who did not enjoy their ‘intro’).

Some uninteresting information about myself: I’m (at moment of writing) a third year student computing science and a native Nijmegenaar. Apart from my study, I’m an active member of our study association (when you read this I’m in the last weeks of my board year as treasurer), I’m a teaching assistant in some of your first year courses and I’m very actively saying to myself I really have to go to the (boulder)gym more often.

Also, I have the bad habit of creating complete essays whenever I have to write a tiny piece of text. So that’s why I’ll stop here. No ‘now for the interesting stuff’, climax, no conclusion or whatsoever. You’ll have to get that yourself during the next orientation week (it’s gonna be great, I promise, it’s gonna be absolutely amazing, we have THE BEST orientation week, it’s true).

See you in August!


Mentors “Group 5” introduce themselves: Roland Leferink

Hi there,
My name is Roland (if that’s hard to pronounce you can just call me Roly Poly), and next year I will be in my fifth year of studying Computer Science. Just like most Computer Science students my hobbies are gaming, watching tv series and drinking a couple of beers with friends. I’m a born Nijmegenaar and can’t wait to introduce you to this beautiful city and our wonderful Thalia-family!
See you at the start of the orientation!

Mentors “Group 5” introduce themselves: Giel Besouw

Hi everyone, welcome to Nijmegen, I’ll be your guide (maybe). My name is Giel and I just finished my bachelor’s degree at this great university. I’ll spare you the story of my life and I’ll instead sum up the most relevant things about me. Watching movies is my favourite pasttime, I play baseball a couple times a week and if time and money allows I’ll cook myself a fancy meal. As a mentor I like to participate fully in the activities and visit as much parties as my aging body and mind can handle. If I am to be your mentor I hope you’ll join me visiting every kroeg in Nijmegen. See you at the introduction!

Mentors “Group 5” introduce themselves: Lars van Rhijn

Hey! I’m Lars, 20 years old and third year computer science student. My hobbies are going to the gym and chilling in Merc (you will get to know what that is). Three years ago, I joined the orientation myself and it was one of the best weeks of my life. This year we will make it at least as great because you will be joining us! We’ll be discovering the ins and outs of Nijmegen, get to know each other and go to the best parties of the introduction week (including the legendary BeestFeest). It will be awesome! See you soon,

Mentors “Group 4” introduce themselves: Alex Li

My name is Alex and I’ll be 20 years old when you’re reading this. I’ve been a first-year-student twice already (once in Eindhoven, and this year in Nijmegen), and as such I have been an introkiddo twice as well. Though I might not be the most experienced mentor, I can assure you I will be one of the most enthusiastic! I spend my time usually in the Mercatorbuilding “studying” (read: everything but studying). I also love to go to the city and have a “few” beers with my fellow Thalians. I’m looking forward to the intro, and I hope I can show every last one of you what a great city Nijmegen is!

Mentors “Group 4” introduce themselves: Leon van den Boogaard

Hello, I am Leon.
I am going to be a fifth year student already next year, so I am sure I can tell you everything you need to know about our awesome study and city. My hobbies are just as almost all Computer Science students: drinking and gaming. Next to that, music is also a great hobby for me. I’m really looking forward to meeting you this introduction week, and I’m gonna make sure you have the best introduction week you will ever have!

Mentors “Group 4” introduce themselves: Jeroen Broos

Welcome to Nijmegen!
I am Jeroen Broos and I will be one of the parents of this family this year. I will make it my mission to deliver the most awesome epic week of the year. I am a 3rd year student and I like to pass the time with friends enjoying movienights and intense game sessions. In my free time I try to study and work to set up a small business with friends and some side work for fast cash at deliveroo.

When I think back to my own introduction I think of the week where I met a group who were so open for everyone and we had an amazing time from day 1. I have made amazing memories that will last forever and I am sure we are going to make those as well!
See you soon!

Mentors “Group 3” introduce themselves: Polina Moroza

Hey, I am Polina, I am an international female student, to be precise I am from Latvia and speak russian. If you need any help as an international or as a girl, I will be there for you. If you does not belong to any of these categories, I am still ready for a great chat and some drinks.

I am a second-year student (hopefully I got my BSA), I joined Thalia during the introduction week and I have not regret my decision since that second. I cannot even imagine my surviving alone in a foreign country without Thalia, I found good friends, who also were always ready to help me with my studies, were translating Dutch letters for me, introduced me to dutch hip-hop(really scary thing), taught me some good Dutch vocabulary(10 words and I cannot really use them in cultural society, but still). I would be glad to exchange my experience with you and show our beautiful university.

Mentors “Group 3” introduce themselves: Richard van Ginkel

Hi, my name is Richard. I have been studying at the Radboud University for four years now. When I am writing this, I am trying to finish my bachelor in computer science. Hopefully, at the time of the introduction, I have succeeded doing so.

Four years ago, I was just like you guys are now. I was wondering how the introduction week was going to be. Well, I can tell you it is going to be awesome. Before you know it, the university and Thalia will feel like home to you. I might even say that the introduction week was the best week of my time in Nijmegen so far, and my job is to make sure that it will be for you as well. I am really looking forward to it and I hope we will have a great time together!

Mentors “Group 3” introduce themselves: Rico te Wechel

Hey there!

My name is Rico. I’m a third year student at the Radboud University, 21 years young, and I’ve been living in Nijmegen for 3 years now.

My everyday life consists of studying, playing games, hanging around with fellow Thalia-members and friends, participating in the fun activities we organize, and maybe have a few or a lot of drinks every once in a while. Currently, I am finishing up my board year in Thalia, our study association. After a year of keeping the association running (but most of all, having a lot of fun), I am ready to face the challenge of passing courses again, just like you are about to do.

I am ready to show you the wonderful world of a computer scientist in Nijmegen!

I’ve had a great time here myself so far, and I’m far from tired of it. My goal is to guide you through the streets of this magnificent city, while telling you all about it. Perhaps even over a drink 😉 Get ready to meet new people, explore every depth of this many-sided city, see what the University is like, hear about the endless possibilities for a student here, and most of all; have the best time of your life!

I am ready for this awesome experience, are you?
I’ll see you there!

Mentors “Group 2” introduce themselves: Tim van Alten

Hi girls, guys and everyone else! By the time you’re reading this, I’ll almost be a third year student Computing Science, 20 years old and just as awesome as I am right now. I spend most of my time ‘studying’ with fellow students in our building, attending Thalia events and accidentally falling asleep on the couch in my living room.

Two years ago, I had my own orientation week, which was one of the best weeks I ever had, and now I will make sure you have the same experience!

Luckily, I have the honour to welcome you to Nijmegen and Thalia, the most beautiful city and the best study association! See you soon!

Mentors “Group 2” introduce themselves: Bram Petersen

Hi, i’m Bram, 23 years old and currently in my second year of my masters Computing Science at Radboud University. My hobbies include football (no, not the American version…), producing music, which i don’t have time for that much anymore and hanging out with friends. I’m very much looking forward to the introduction and I hope you do too. It’s going to be fun!

Mentors “Group 2” introduce themselves: Janneau Thijssen

Hey, my name is Janneau (no you do not know how to pronounce it, don’t try, I don’t care). I’m a third years now, who has fallen in love ❤️with this city, it’s people and our association! And it’s all thanks to the orientationweek. We are going to have fun, party hard and enjoy one of the best weeks of the year!!! And if I’m lucky (or in your case perhaps unlucky 🤨) I will be your mentor, if not you’ll definitely see (or perhaps more likely hear) me anyway. Very pumped to meet you there. HYPE!!!!!! Love your (hopefully soon to be) crazy mentor, Janneau! 😘

Mentors “Group 1” introduce themselves: Anda Zale

Hi, I’m Anda! As you’ve maybe noticed, I am not Dutch, but indeed one of the internationals from Latvia, but fear not, still as nice and fun as every other student in Computing Science. I like giving out hugs even though they might feel underwhelming thanks to my short height

Mentors “Group 1” introduce themselves: Robin Immel

Hi guys and girls!

My name is Robin Immel and I’m going to be one of your Mentors this Intro! I have been studying Computing Science for quite some time now. (Already 5 years). In my free time I like to play football, play videogames and just hang out with friends and drink some beers.

As long as I can remember I have been a member of Thalia, and I can honestly say that they have become like a family to me. This wouldn’t have happened without my awesome Introduction, so I’m really glad to see you all joined as well! We can’t wait to make you guys feel at home and let you feel like your part of the big family that is Thalia! People always say that going to College is the best time of your life, and I can say that that’s 100% true. I can’t wait to meet you all and make this the best week of your life!

Hopefully untill then!

Robin 😀

Mentors “Group 1” introduce themselves: Bas Hofmans

Hello there! I am Bas and I’d like to welcome you to the wonderful city of Nijmegen. As is common among computing science students, I am just a guy who enjoys gaming, making music, and drinking a few (and a few more) beers at just about every opportunity. Originally I come from a small town in Brabant and after accidentally spending a few years studying in Maastricht I finally came to my senses and decided that a move to Nijmegen was in order. In the two years that I spent here the city has truly become my home and the people here have started feeling like one big but disfunctional family. In the orientation I would like to show you what studying computing science in this city is all about and that studying here will be one of the best times of your life!