Mentors “Group 1” introduce themselves: Anda Zale

Hi, I’m Anda! As you’ve maybe noticed, I am not Dutch, but indeed one of the internationals from Latvia, but fear not, still as nice and fun as every other student in Computing Science. I like giving out hugs even though they might feel underwhelming thanks to my short height

Mentors “Group 1” introduce themselves: Robin Immel

Hi guys and girls!

My name is Robin Immel and I’m going to be one of your Mentors this Intro! I have been studying Computing Science for quite some time now. (Already 5 years). In my free time I like to play football, play videogames and just hang out with friends and drink some beers.

As long as I can remember I have been a member of Thalia, and I can honestly say that they have become like a family to me. This wouldn’t have happened without my awesome Introduction, so I’m really glad to see you all joined as well! We can’t wait to make you guys feel at home and let you feel like your part of the big family that is Thalia! People always say that going to College is the best time of your life, and I can say that that’s 100% true. I can’t wait to meet you all and make this the best week of your life!

Hopefully untill then!

Robin 😀

Mentors “Group 1” introduce themselves: Bas Hofmans

Hello there! I am Bas and I’d like to welcome you to the wonderful city of Nijmegen. As is common among computing science students, I am just a guy who enjoys gaming, making music, and drinking a few (and a few more) beers at just about every opportunity. Originally I come from a small town in Brabant and after accidentally spending a few years studying in Maastricht I finally came to my senses and decided that a move to Nijmegen was in order. In the two years that I spent here the city has truly become my home and the people here have started feeling like one big but disfunctional family. In the orientation I would like to show you what studying computing science in this city is all about and that studying here will be one of the best times of your life!