Mentors “Group 3” introduce themselves: Polina Moroza

Hey, I am Polina, I am an international female student, to be precise I am from Latvia and speak russian. If you need any help as an international or as a girl, I will be there for you. If you does not belong to any of these categories, I am still ready for a great chat and some drinks.

I am a second-year student (hopefully I got my BSA), I joined Thalia during the introduction week and I have not regret my decision since that second. I cannot even imagine my surviving alone in a foreign country without Thalia, I found good friends, who also were always ready to help me with my studies, were translating Dutch letters for me, introduced me to dutch hip-hop(really scary thing), taught me some good Dutch vocabulary(10 words and I cannot really use them in cultural society, but still). I would be glad to exchange my experience with you and show our beautiful university.

Mentors “Group 3” introduce themselves: Richard van Ginkel

Hi, my name is Richard. I have been studying at the Radboud University for four years now. When I am writing this, I am trying to finish my bachelor in computer science. Hopefully, at the time of the introduction, I have succeeded doing so.

Four years ago, I was just like you guys are now. I was wondering how the introduction week was going to be. Well, I can tell you it is going to be awesome. Before you know it, the university and Thalia will feel like home to you. I might even say that the introduction week was the best week of my time in Nijmegen so far, and my job is to make sure that it will be for you as well. I am really looking forward to it and I hope we will have a great time together!

Mentors “Group 3” introduce themselves: Rico te Wechel

Hey there!

My name is Rico. I’m a third year student at the Radboud University, 21 years young, and I’ve been living in Nijmegen for 3 years now.

My everyday life consists of studying, playing games, hanging around with fellow Thalia-members and friends, participating in the fun activities we organize, and maybe have a few or a lot of drinks every once in a while. Currently, I am finishing up my board year in Thalia, our study association. After a year of keeping the association running (but most of all, having a lot of fun), I am ready to face the challenge of passing courses again, just like you are about to do.

I am ready to show you the wonderful world of a computer scientist in Nijmegen!

I’ve had a great time here myself so far, and I’m far from tired of it. My goal is to guide you through the streets of this magnificent city, while telling you all about it. Perhaps even over a drink 😉 Get ready to meet new people, explore every depth of this many-sided city, see what the University is like, hear about the endless possibilities for a student here, and most of all; have the best time of your life!

I am ready for this awesome experience, are you?
I’ll see you there!