Mentors “Group 4” introduce themselves: Alex Li

My name is Alex and I’ll be 20 years old when you’re reading this. I’ve been a first-year-student twice already (once in Eindhoven, and this year in Nijmegen), and as such I have been an introkiddo twice as well. Though I might not be the most experienced mentor, I can assure you I will be one of the most enthusiastic! I spend my time usually in the Mercatorbuilding “studying” (read: everything but studying). I also love to go to the city and have a “few” beers with my fellow Thalians. I’m looking forward to the intro, and I hope I can show every last one of you what a great city Nijmegen is!

Mentors “Group 4” introduce themselves: Leon van den Boogaard

Hello, I am Leon.
I am going to be a fifth year student already next year, so I am sure I can tell you everything you need to know about our awesome study and city. My hobbies are just as almost all Computer Science students: drinking and gaming. Next to that, music is also a great hobby for me. I’m really looking forward to meeting you this introduction week, and I’m gonna make sure you have the best introduction week you will ever have!

Mentors “Group 4” introduce themselves: Jeroen Broos

Welcome to Nijmegen!
I am Jeroen Broos and I will be one of the parents of this family this year. I will make it my mission to deliver the most awesome epic week of the year. I am a 3rd year student and I like to pass the time with friends enjoying movienights and intense game sessions. In my free time I try to study and work to set up a small business with friends and some side work for fast cash at deliveroo.

When I think back to my own introduction I think of the week where I met a group who were so open for everyone and we had an amazing time from day 1. I have made amazing memories that will last forever and I am sure we are going to make those as well!
See you soon!