Mentors “Group 5” introduce themselves: Roland Leferink

Hi there,
My name is Roland (if that’s hard to pronounce you can just call me Roly Poly), and next year I will be in my fifth year of studying Computer Science. Just like most Computer Science students my hobbies are gaming, watching tv series and drinking a couple of beers with friends. I’m a born Nijmegenaar and can’t wait to introduce you to this beautiful city and our wonderful Thalia-family!
See you at the start of the orientation!

Mentors “Group 5” introduce themselves: Giel Besouw

Hi everyone, welcome to Nijmegen, I’ll be your guide (maybe). My name is Giel and I just finished my bachelor’s degree at this great university. I’ll spare you the story of my life and I’ll instead sum up the most relevant things about me. Watching movies is my favourite pasttime, I play baseball a couple times a week and if time and money allows I’ll cook myself a fancy meal. As a mentor I like to participate fully in the activities and visit as much parties as my aging body and mind can handle. If I am to be your mentor I hope you’ll join me visiting every kroeg in Nijmegen. See you at the introduction!

Mentors “Group 5” introduce themselves: Lars van Rhijn

Hey! I’m Lars, 20 years old and third year computer science student. My hobbies are going to the gym and chilling in Merc (you will get to know what that is). Three years ago, I joined the orientation myself and it was one of the best weeks of my life. This year we will make it at least as great because you will be joining us! We’ll be discovering the ins and outs of Nijmegen, get to know each other and go to the best parties of the introduction week (including the legendary BeestFeest). It will be awesome! See you soon,