Mentors “Group 6” introduce themselves: Elianne Heuer

Hey I’m Elianne! I’m 21 years old and a second year student Computing Science. I live in Nijmegen in a house with a few other Computing Science students. I like gaming, making music and thinking about anything related to Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. So you can always talk to me about any of these things, or just about anything random too. OH and I love dogs!!! I loved my introduction week with Thalia and I hope I can help to make the introduction week one of the best weeks of your life! So I hope I’ll see you then 🙂

Mentors “Group 6” introduce themselves: Thijs de Jong

I’m Thijs de Jong, and currently a first years student. I might be your mentor for this introduction week! Next to studying (not a lot), I like to play some (many) videogames, drink beer with my fellow Computing Science students, I’m trying to sport once in a while, and I like to waste my time browsing the entire internet for funny cat videos.
Since I am a first year, my intro is printed very freshly in my mind, and I could tell you, it is one of the best things to experience in your student life.
So, that said, I’ll see you at the introduction week!

Mentors “Group 6” introduce themselves: Job Doesburg

Hey there,
Welcome to Nijmegen! My name is Job and, whoever you are, I’m very much looking forward to welcome you in our warm Thalia-family. Together with a group of awesome people on this website, we will be your guide during your first week(s) here. With a bit of luck (either good or bad, you may decide afterwards 😉) you can even call me ‘daddy’ during the upcoming orientation week. Anyway, it’s going to be a great week nonetheless (I’ve honestly never heard any story of someone who did not enjoy their ‘intro’).

Some uninteresting information about myself: I’m (at moment of writing) a third year student computing science and a native Nijmegenaar. Apart from my study, I’m an active member of our study association (when you read this I’m in the last weeks of my board year as treasurer), I’m a teaching assistant in some of your first year courses and I’m very actively saying to myself I really have to go to the (boulder)gym more often.

Also, I have the bad habit of creating complete essays whenever I have to write a tiny piece of text. So that’s why I’ll stop here. No ‘now for the interesting stuff’, climax, no conclusion or whatsoever. You’ll have to get that yourself during the next orientation week (it’s gonna be great, I promise, it’s gonna be absolutely amazing, we have THE BEST orientation week, it’s true).

See you in August!