Mentors “Group 7” introduce themselves: Astrid van der Jagt

My name is Astrid, and I’m all set to introduce you to this beautiful city, super cool study programme and last, but not least, our amazing study association Thalia! I’m 23 years old, and have been studying here since 2015. I’m originally from The Hague, but I have come to love Nijmegen almost as much as my home town. I’m always in for a beer and a talk, and would like to get to know you, so don’t hesitate to come up to me for a chat!

Mentors “Group 7” introduce themselves: Koen Bremer

Hello there!
I’m Koen (right) and at the time of the orientation I will be 21 years old. I used to live in Bemmely hills until I moved to Nijmegen to study here. I will be one of the mentor this year and I’m really looking forward to it. I enjoy drinking a beer with friends and playing games. Often when I combine the two I end up at the TKB (if you don’t know it already, you probably will after the orientation 😉 ).

I’m really looking forward to meeting you and I hope you have just as much hype for the orientation week as I have!

See you soon!

Mentors “Group 7” introduce themselves: Jan van Bommel

Hey everyone,

I’m Jan van Bommel (left), but pretty much everyone calls me Jank. By the time you are reading this I’m about to be a fifth year student Computing Science. I’m currently also the chairman of our amazing study association Thalia, the one that happens to organize this amazing orientation week. Maybe you want to know why people call me Jank, so feel free to ask during the orientation. Hope to see you during the orientation week! Groetjes thuis, doei voes.