Mentors “Group 8” introduce themselves: Isolde Hoogendonk

“Hello world!” and hello future children. I am Isolde and I will be an introduction mommy this year (sad for you, great for me). I am a second year student in Computer Science and I love cooking, going to the gym and netflixing. Favorite animal? Any. Favorite color? Magenta (RGB: 230 / 34 / 114), you will learn why. Favorite food? Drunk nacho’s at three in the morning. I swear they taste better drunk.
We of the super amazing study association Thalia want to give you the orientation of a lifetime! And that is exactly my task as your soon to be mom! See you at intro :)))

Mentors “Group 8” introduce themselves: Nick van Oers

My name is Nick, I’m 19 years old and currently a second year student in computing science. During the orientation I will be one of the many mentors and maybe I will be a mentor of your group! I am already looking forward to showing you everything Thalia and Nijmegen have to offer. Since I was born and raised here, that won’t be an issue. This orientation will be all about you and I will make sure it will be one of the best weeks of your life.

See you soon!

Mentors “Group 8” introduce themselves: Jesper Somers

Hello everyone, my name is Jesper and I have been officially labeled as the teddy bear because apparently, I give great hugs. I may not be the best student you will find in the study, but luckily for the intro I do not need to be. I look forward to meeting all of you and hopefully, we can make an amazing intro together.