Mentors “Group 9” introduce themselves: Aucke Bos

Dear sjaars-to-be,

My name is Aucke, I’m 22 years old. Will be a fifth year student and Thalian next year. Besides my study I like going to the fitness and drink beer, ideally not simultaneously. During the coming Orientationweek I’ll show you all the great stuff of Nijmegen and life as a student. I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am!

See y’all the 19th!

Mentors “Group 9” introduce themselves: Julian van der Horst

Hello my children I’m julian and you may now call me daddy.

I’m very social and will likely talk your ears off. I love snowboarding, and sailing. Also I’m a DJ so I love all music. Funny cabaret is also a thing I enjoy watching. I’m really looking forward into getting to know all of you and I definitely look forward to go out and be brak with all of you.

Your student will be the best time of your life and what better way to start it off with an amazing daddy.

See you soon,
Julian van der Horst

Mentors “Group 9” introduce themselves: Thomas Klein Breteler

Hey, my name is Thomas also known as TKB. Not to be confused with ‘the tkb’, I usually don’t smell of beer and sweat. I spend my leisure time playing video games, listening to music and watching series.

In the coming week the other mentors of the Thalia family and I will be showing you our beautiful city and university. It’s going to be a wild ride and I’m looking forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you!