Costs of orientation

We want to inform you what you will get from the application fee. This year the fee is €185,-. This price is constructed of the combined costs of Radboud’s participation fee (85 euros) and our own all-inclusive program! (100 euros). This is the first year we are organizing an all-inclusive program and we are very excited about this! In previous years this was arranged by paying 120 to 200 euros when you arrived in the city, but now we have everything in one price, which you pay before hand. This is also why we could reduce the costs to €100,-

So what do you get in this all-inclusive program?

  • Full-time Guidance through the city and the university, from experienced students, during the whole week. We want to show you every nice bit of Nijmegen and its campus
  • A high quality shirt that is uniquely designed for your starting year
  • All food during the week is included (brunch/lunch and dinner – from sunday to friday)
  • Drinks during our organized activities are included (Note: during the night this is at everyone’s own account, but during this week there will be high discounts at the bars and clubs in Nijmegen (± €0.50-€1,- for a beer/wine))
  • All participation costs of the activities are included, which are:
    • Beer/Wine tasting at Nijmegen’s own brewery
    • A high quality BBQ where you can meet all our professors and students in an informal way
    • A crash course in Rowing by our rowing association
    • An one-of-a-kind beach party
    • A whole day where we lay out the foundations of our study, all the information you will need (+ nice hints that will save you a lot of money) are presented to you here
    • A 2 hour bowling session with DJ
    • A (very educational) pub crawl through the city
    • Entrance to an exclusive party at the Doornroosje (the biggest club in Nijmegen)
    • A fancy dinner with a pubquiz at one of the most special party location in Nijmegen, Fort Lent.

Our goal is to give you the best complete experience of the city and university were you will study for the next year. For more than five years in a row, the computer science orientation is ranked as one of the best of the whole university. And we know this year will be even better! As you can see in the list you will get the most varied program out there. At the same time you will meet your other fellow students, which will be of incredible value for the next years to come.