Enrolling for courses

At the university you will have to enroll and register for every course that you will take. This indicates that when you register for your study you do not actually can get started right away.

During the faculty day a lot of these things will be told, but since there is a deadline for enrolling in courses, it might be useful to actually prepare a few things yourself.

Step 1: pick a course

In the study guide provided by the university you can find your course program. This will probably be the first year of the bachelor computing science, but you can also find all the information for all other years and field of study.

Pick a course that starts at the quarter for which which you are currently fixing your enrollment. This will probably be the first quarter. Remember the course code of the course you picked. For example, the course “Mathematical Structures” had the course code NWI-IPC020.

Step 2: log in onto Osiris

On Osiris you can log in with your s-number, but without the ‘s’. The password is the same as for your university-wide account. We also have a page about accounts and logins, because this can be quite confusing.

Step 3: enroll

Go to the page “Register” and fill in the course course you found at step 1 at the right input box. It everything went accordingly, this also inficates that you are registered for the exam of the course. This has been different in the past, so don’t forget step 4.

Step 4: check if it was succesfull

Go to the “Unsubscribe” page and carefully check whether the course you just have registered for is actually in the list. Make sure it is in both “Courses” and “Exams”. The latter is especially important! If you are not registered for the exam, you won’t be able to partake in it.

Want to cheat?

If you pick “Course – Register for a course module” on the “Register” page, you can then click on the link “Course modules from your study programme”. This will provide you with a list of boxed to choose from. Make sure you are sure that you have enrolled for every course you have to follow. So, after actually enrolling, look up the list of all the courses you have to follow for your study year (just like in step 1) and check whether all the courses are there (just like in step 4).