Student numbers and login credentials

As a student of Computing Science or Information Sciences, you will receive two logins that you will frequently use. The first is the university-wide student number (the “s-number”) with an associated password. The second is a faculty-wide login (your “science account”). These two accounts are separate.

Your s-number

You will receive your s-number per e-mail after registering for the study year. Don’t worry: this can take a while, and does not arrive at the same time for everyone. For more information, go here.

With your s-number, you can log in to the student portal, after which you can register for courses and exams. Yes, that’s right: you are required to register for each course, as well as for the associated exam. Do this at least a week before the start of the course, if not earlier.

You can use the portal to view your schedule and to get access to the electronic teaching environment Brightspace.

Any e-mail you receive on your RU-account, you’ll be able to read on by logging in with “RU/” followed by your s-number, with the password you have chosen for your university-wide account.

Your science account

You will receive your science account credentials during the faculty day.

Your science account can be used to log in to the computers at the bèta faculty (the FNWI in the Huygens building). Note that this account does not necessarily have the same password as your s-account.

All sorts of faculty services use the science-account.

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