Application procedure

Did you miss the deadline? Obviously you don’t want to miss the orientation, but don’t fret. Generally speaking you can still participate. Register as soon as possibile at the university, then everything will be fine! 

Registration for the orientation.

  1. In July you will receive a personal registration link for the orientation through the e-mail address that you submitted in Studielink. Check your spam folder if you didn’t. If it’s not in there either, contact and they will take care of it. Once you receive it, please register before the 10th of august* with this link.
  2. You will have to pay € 185,- immediately through iDeal or another payment method. Then and only then your registration will be complete.
  3. After registering you will receive a QR-code. You should bring this proof of registration with you to the orientation desk, printed or digitally.
  4. You will need to report on the 18th of august with your proof of registration at the orientation desk. Through the QR-code you will be registered as ‘present’. You also need this QR-code the 23th of august when we leave for the festival.
  5. Your proof of registration will be taken and you will receive a wristband instead.

The wristband that you will receive makes it clear that you are a participant in the orientation of 2019. Should you lose your wristband, you can get a new one at the orientation desk.

Make sure that you have all your necessities ready at the start of the first day!

*The official deadline is Thursday the 23rd of august, but by that time you will have missed half the orientation.