Welcome to our website for the orientation week of 2019!

Are you joining the computing science bachelor or one of the computing science (pre-)masters at the Radboud University? You are exactly at the right spot! Here you can find everything you need, so please read the information provided here. Also check if your registration is complete or click here for our awesome schedule.

The orientation week is from Sunday 16th to Sunday 23rd of August. Because this week we are going to give you all the ins and outs of the study, the student life and the beautiful city of Nijmegen. If there are any questions, please contact us.


This orientation is no hazing or initiation ceremony of any kind. “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” But we encourage you to join us: you can meet your fellow students, which can be of great importance during the rest of the study.

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Ja, alle Informationen sind auf Angelsaksisch, aber du bist trotzdem herzlich eingeladen bei unserer Informatik- und Informationswissenschaften-Einführung. Bitte kontaktiere uns, wenn du Probleme beim übersetzen hast.

Vive la resistance!